Thursday, May 17, 2007

Accountability Goals for May 16th

Fran: Promised minimum one morning training each week for next 6 weeks for new Buyer agents. Spend time with them to get them going.

Nancy Miller: Wants another profitable investment property to fix and resell by the end of 3rd quarter.

Jim: Have draft of book ready by September meeting. Will make weekly action plans for next week’s call. Listings – will get three by next call.

Frank: will help 500 families improve their living conditions by buying apartments.

Nancy F.: Will exercise minimum 3 times per week. Hired 3 buyer agents – will have them operating to get to her goal of $1.5 million.

Sean: Will take 10 listings this week. Anticipates taking 4 listings next week.

Li: Will take 3 listings this week. Will have her condo conversion project submitted to City for approval by next week. Will have 1st draft of her book done by Fall meeting.

Lisa: Working with new coach. She promises to be 100% coachable and for next 120 days including doing her homework assignments.

Carmen: Search for and buy one investment property per month. Work on stocks for 3 hours a week. Contact 10 past clients daily.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The 5 things that motivate people are:

Here's something new I learned recently and wanted to share with you.

The 5 things that motivate people are:

a. Accomplishment and achieving

b. Acquiring things

c. Belonging to something

d. Having wonderful experiences

e. Learning/growing

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Report from the Recording Conductor

Realizing my recording efforts do not warrant the title of Engineer, you are getting a report from the back of the train. The Laguna Beach recordings went ok. I grade myself a C minus because a D plus was too demoralizing. I've worked with tech support for two weeks in an effort to get the recording in condition to put on a CD. Am getting close. The recording is overall okay and fun to listen to. Amazing and educational to hear Harrison's presentation again and I am confident you will feel the same way when you hear it. Will forward copies to the Committee and Harrison when I get the duplication process under control. A decision for distribution will then be made.

I am also working with tech support on setting up for the next event. Given that the next speaker will likely not be as modulated as the last, the information will come at us quickly with voluminous topics and information. The recording will be essential for us all to ultimately gleen the maximum from our time, expense and exposure. I am also working on how to best record the questions from around the room and the reports of the Round Table speakers during our Round Table days. Jim

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I think I figured this out

Our call today is inviting everyone to contribute to what they want to do and see in New York City and get things planned early.

Ideas: Statue of Liberty & tour of New York
Johnson O'Connor testing for capabilities
Matinee for broadway show and dinner for friday?
China Town Shopping

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thank you, Lisa

Thanks for putting the blog up for C5. I think this is a great communication tool and I am sure we will all benefit from it.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Do any of you have a developer who might be interested in this?


Approximately 87 Acres @ 75,000 per acre

Soils reports available

Engineering reports available

Development estimates available

Water, sewer gas

It is currently in the county

Bonus density.

4 to 4.5 lots per acre. Could have approx 400 lots

Wants Earnest money of $50,000

EM $200,000 in 3 weeks non refundable.

Hot and growing new area which is west of town now.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

C5 Blog Site Begins

Welcome C5 Members

This is the first post to our new C5 Blog site.

I have structured this site to allow only our registered members to “Author” Blogs and to comment on the Blogs that are posted. I believe that a private site will be the most effective … we’ll see. We are flexible and everything can be changed.

I encourage everyone to register through the link on our site to receive email notifications of new postings. This will automatically update you whenever a new post is entered. I have sent invitations to “Author” Blogs on this site to all of you that I have the an email address for. If you don’t receive that invitational link, email me. Let me know what email address you choose to use and I’ll respond right away so that you will be added to the list.

My belief is that this site will be a great location and source for communicating effectively to the entire group for such things as encouragement, motivational quotes and stories, inspirational topics, and business tips and ideas. Keep in mind, this is a public site. Since it is public it can be viewed by anyone who has the address. Only registered members will be able to author and comment but anyone will be able to read what is written.

Please let me know what you think. I welcome your constructive thoughts and comments. Please be patient, I’m learning as we go. If you have any questions or need assistance contact me by email at or phone me at 775-781-5472.

Thank You All