Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I think I figured this out

Our call today is inviting everyone to contribute to what they want to do and see in New York City and get things planned early.

Ideas: Statue of Liberty & tour of New York
Johnson O'Connor testing for capabilities
Matinee for broadway show and dinner for friday?
China Town Shopping


Ronnie said...

Hi Linda,

Unless things have changed, I don't think that there are matinees on Broadway on Friday.


Jean said...

I hard the tours were really high end and nice? Ask STeve Kalt for sure. I vote for Broadway shows.

Lisa Wetzel and Jim Valentine said...

I'm up for all the sites and sounds. We haven't been there so I want to get the entire New York experience. I'd like to hear suggestions from all of you as to the very most important places and things to see and do.