Thursday, February 1, 2007

Report from the Recording Conductor

Realizing my recording efforts do not warrant the title of Engineer, you are getting a report from the back of the train. The Laguna Beach recordings went ok. I grade myself a C minus because a D plus was too demoralizing. I've worked with tech support for two weeks in an effort to get the recording in condition to put on a CD. Am getting close. The recording is overall okay and fun to listen to. Amazing and educational to hear Harrison's presentation again and I am confident you will feel the same way when you hear it. Will forward copies to the Committee and Harrison when I get the duplication process under control. A decision for distribution will then be made.

I am also working with tech support on setting up for the next event. Given that the next speaker will likely not be as modulated as the last, the information will come at us quickly with voluminous topics and information. The recording will be essential for us all to ultimately gleen the maximum from our time, expense and exposure. I am also working on how to best record the questions from around the room and the reports of the Round Table speakers during our Round Table days. Jim

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Fran said...

Don't beat yourself up on the recording issues. When I put the website together, it was a disaster at first. And..I am always tweaking it. Every time you will get better. Good job